Winx Rockstars: Out now!

December 10, 2010 at 3:12 pm | Posted in Games, Merchandise | 4 Comments
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I got this in my email a few days back. Una di Noi posted about Winx rockstars a few days back. Winx Rockstars is finally out in English, and you can see the trailer on the official site.

Here’s the poster:

I’m sure everyone who subscribed to the Winx Club site or has an account there got this. I use GMail, and something that always happens is that emails from the Winx Club site end up in my spam. So, if you’ve not got it, simply check your spam. Otherwise, I don’t really know why it shouldn’t end up in your inbox.

Roxy isn’t featured on the poster, but is a playable character. I’m again doubting the fact that she’s an official part of the Winx Club now. If she’s a part, and she’s also a playable character in the game, then why shouldn’t they feature her on the cover? Favoritism? Or is it simply the fact that Rainbow forgot?

Oh, and as usual, it’s Bloom, Stella and Flora on the cover of the CD.



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  1. Tis looks cute. Would it suitable for my nine-year-old daughter?

    • I’m absolutely sure she would love it. If she’s seen the show before, she would like it even more. In case you’re wondering, the box says “Suitable for 3 years and above”

      • Ah. that is what that “3” symbol meant. I will have to let her check it out sometime.

  2. I think the reason Roxy’s not on the poster is they don’t have a rock star outfit for her. But I’ve also heard you have to unlock her as a character in the game, so…yeah. Is she a Winx or not, Rainbow?

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