Say What? Contest #1 Results!

January 9, 2011 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Contests, Pictures, Say what?, Say What? Images | Leave a comment
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According to LA time, it’s now 9th January. So, the Say What? contest has officially ended! Two people entered, and as per the rules, I judge who wins if less than 5 people enter.

And the results are….*dramatic pause like in the game shows*

Kae Lily –

Icy: Would you stop poking them?
Stormy: Do they really hurt that bad?
Icy: Yes! Get off!
(Icy slaps Stormy)
Stormy: Ouch! Hey!
(Stormy slaps Icy; Icy slaps her back)
Other witches: SLAP FIGHT!!!

Thanks to Claire for her entry, and congrats to Kae Lily! Another Say What? contest will be up tomorrow; LA time, of course. 😛


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