Keke Palmer, Keisha. Sound familiar?

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It probably does to you guys! Ella at Winx 4 Life found out about this first, you can find a link to her post at the end of this entry. Keke Palmer is apparently voicing someone called Keisha, in Winx Club Season 5.

According to an article on Nick and More, she will be voicing “one of the magical fairies Keisha” in Winx Club. Now there’s a quote in that article I don’t like at all:

In addition, she will record this year the voice of Keisha, one of the magical fairies in the Nickelodeon animated action and fantasy series “Winx Club,” a hugely popular franchise with young girls worldwide that will debut in 2012 with new episodes in the U.S.

I don’t mind the fact that she’s voicing Keisha, but what I do mind is the fact that the quote sounds like Nick is claiming ownership of Winx Club. Doesn’t it sound like that to anyone?

Aside from that, I have to wonder. Who is this Keisha? I’ve got a few theories.

  • Corruption of Aisha. Maybe someone confused her name with Aisha.
  • Mix of two names. This has happened in many TV shows which I have watched. I might be going a little off topic here, but in one of them, more specifically FRINGE, there was someone named Thomas Newton. It was clearly a mix of Thomas Edison and Issac Newton. Take a look at Keisha. Keke. Aisha. Put the bolded letters of the two words together and you get Keisha.
  • Another fairy. NO. More on that NO later.
  • Seasonal character. I don’t mind this. Roxy was one, and I got used to her for one whole season then forgot all about her. I really wouldn’t mind having a character like that. Assuming that they have a good plotline for the season, of course.
  • A new name for Layla. If this is true, then I think that Nick would be making a bad move. For 4 seasons and 1 movie (we don’t know what she’s called in Magica Avventura English yet) Aisha has been known as Layla outside Italy. Renaming her would be a strange move, and also a bad one, in terms of marketing. Remember 4kids? About half of us here in America have seen that version, and she was called Layla. The move would also confuse new viewers to the series who might then go back and watch the previous seasons.

I’m hoping that she’s not another Winx. I’ll be posting on why later.

There’s also one more thing that I’m half annoyed, half happy about. Have you guys heard of Ke$ha? Doesn’t Keisha sound a little too similar to Ke$ha?

Which explanation do you find most likely? Why?

BTW, if you’re wondering, Ella at Winx 4 Life found out about this first. Here’s a list of my sources:

Nick Star Keke Palmer To Join The Winx In Season 5!!!! via Winx 4 Life

The Mysterious “Keisha” via Una Di Noi

Who is Keisha? via Ali Nel Cielo

Keke Palmer to voice act on Winx Club via Winx Fairies

Nick and More



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  1. I have to agree with you on the Nickelodeon ownership thing. That did get to me a bit. They kinda can say it’s theirs since they own the rights to it, but still….I hope they don’t get carried away with their influence on the series.

  2. The rights may be Nickelodeon’s, but the show itself is still not. I wonder if it could mean they’re going to be using new animation, though.

  3. I have to agree with OP, it does seem like Nick is acting like they own it. And Rainbow hasn’t said a word about it at all, time to get worried!

  4. you guys are right, but be happy its going to be in America with all the seasons in ENGLISH!
    im still freaking out about it! 🙂 (:

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