1st issue of English forum magazine

January 15, 2011 at 6:42 am | Posted in Forum Magazine, Online | 14 Comments
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It was only a few weeks ago that the Italian Winx Club forum on the official Italian site announced that there would be a forum magazine made for the users. The English forum wasn’t left behind, and now we have the first English forum magazine out already! This looks like a weekly magazine.

That’s some very nice fan art. I wonder if someone on the site submitted it, or if the editors of the magazine themselves designed it.

Note that the first two pages in the first line that say “A-D Fruits Facts” were actually meant to be together, kind of like a magazine spread. The notice on the official site put them one below the other.

The images are too small to see here, but here is the announcement on the official site with the full size images.

Frankly, I’m not too happy with this magazine. It seems, I don’t know, rather boring and dull to me. The top 5 hits are actually just Billboard’s top 5 hits. I can say I find this magazine boring because it’s telling me things I already know, even about the fruits. Oh well, it’s a magazine, and it’s bound to change over time, isn’t it?

What do you think of this first issue?



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  1. First, I would have to wonder who the intended demographic is. I’m sure it’s not meant for the older fans, like me, who are in college and university. BD magazine articles, like for Winx Club and WITCH, tend to be about plebian subjects just to fill up the pages. I usually skip reading these articles.

  2. Yeah, the cover is fanart by BBlova (http://bblova.deviantart.com/#/d378m36) – I guess she was appointed the official (forum) magazine-cover artist. She’s a pretty awesome artist, huh? In my opinion, a lot of her work looks quite professional. 😀

    Great site, BTW. Would you like to exchange links?

  3. Yeah, you can choose whichever size you wish from http://www.angelaswinxworld.com/linktome. ^^ I have linked to you on http://www.angelaswinxworld.com/goldlist.html now. 😀

  4. The second issue came out.

    • I know. I’m working on posting what I think about it.

  5. Hey! I wrote the Fruits + Facts stuff and Kate (the mini-mod who’s organising the whole thing) asked me to do it >..<

    • That’s nice. 🙂
      Did you work on the second issue as well?

  6. All the staff work on the magazine forever unless they resign or something. May I know your Winx username?

  7. I don’t like it. First, it does seem boring and second, some of the articles subtly send a bad message. Like the “How to look like Flora” article. I don’t get the point of the “Blossoming Bloom” article.

    The second issue isn’t much better. I really don’t like the cover. Stella just looks…well…odd.

  8. they may be lacking in content, but the artswork on them are amazinngg!

    • I agree to that. It’s incredible how many great fanartists are out there, isn’t it?

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