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The word ‘Winx’ in this article refers to the first transformation in the series, i.e. the season one transformation as it’s sometimes known.

Quick Intro – 

We first saw Bloom transform in episode three of season one. She had been attacked by Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. While she was hanging off the edge of a cliff, and when Icy was about to kill her, she believed so much in the fact that she was a fairy, that she transformed.

Analysis – 

Transformation Sequence: Bloom’s Winx transformation sequence is mostly first when the Winx transform, somewhat establishing the fact that she is important and that she is the leader. The sequence also somewhat tells us that her main power is fire, as we see most of her clothes burning on. The sequence is much better than her Charmix. Enchantix, however, shows us more of her power, and that is why I find it superior. Compared to the Believix, I find Bloom’s normal transformation a bit better, as the Believix doesn’t really live up to the fiery way in which Bloom transforms into her Winx. It doesn’t suit her personality, it’s much gentler, and that is why I don’t like it as much as her normal transformation.

Color: The outfit’s color doesn’t really suit Bloom’s power, according to me. Blue is the negative of colors around peach or red, and it’s like the complete opposite of the color of fire, which as we all know is red. Blue also represents water, somewhat of an…antagonist (?) to fire. However it did occur to me that this is exactly why the creators chose this color, to contrast it with Bloom’s power. Also, if they had picked a color close to red, it would have clashed with her hair, and peach would have clashed with her skin. The choice makes sense, but it’s still a little bit odd to me.

Powers and abilities: Bloom is inherently powerful in her Winx form, due to her possession of the Dragon’s Flame. She seems to be able to do things the other girls can’t, or things we haven’t seen the other girls do, like, making the Trix disappear with a sudden explosion, or being able to see the auras of other non-magical beings. I feel that it is this power of the Dragon’s Flame that makes Bloom’s normal Winx form seem equal to the power her Charmix has. Her Charmix doesn’t really seem that much more powerful than her normal Winx form to me, as is seen when, even without transforming into or using her Charmix, she was able to heal herself from Lord Darkar’s spell in the season two finale, using just the healing power of the Dragon’s Flame. Bloom’s Winx form is also only slightly less powerful than the other girls Enchantix. She is able to heal even without fairy dust, and in season three, when most of the others had their Enchantix and Bloom didn’t, she was still very powerful able to cope quite well while fighting the Trix.


So, that’s my take on Bloom’s normal Winx transformation. Be sure to keep up with the series for the rest of the transformations!

Next up – Bloom’s Charmix!


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