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Note – This Charmix part is likely to be similar to other Charmix parts, since all of the Charmix sequences are the same, and usage of the powers hasn’t been seen much.

Quick Intro –

We first see Bloom earn her Charmix in season two episode twenty. While the Winx are on a vacation in Wildland, they get stuck in a cable car which is about to fall. When they start fighting, Bloom manages to convince them to work together as a team, to save themselves. This is what earns her her Charmix.

Analysis – 

Transformation Sequence: All of the girls’ Charmix sequences are the same, the only thing that’s different is the pose at the end. So this section is N/A.

Color: With Charmix comes a pin of some sort and a waistbag, the color doesn’t really apply here, which is why I’m also going to mark this as N/A.

Powers and abilities: Bloom’s Charmix would be just as powerful as the other girls’ if she didn’t have the Dragon Fire. As I mentioned in the previous post on Bloom’s normal Winx transformation, if the Winx of the girl is strong, the Charmix also becomes stronger. It’s like a power up to the Winx. So, that indicates that since Bloom has the Dragon Fire in her Winx form as well, her Charmix is strong. We only see Bloom use her Charmix powers two times, so we can’t really figure out the true extent of her power.

That’s it for Bloom’s Charmix transformation. I hope you’ll keep visiting Magia Di Winx for the rest of the series!

Next up – Enchantix!

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