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The information in this article pertains to the original Italian and Cinelume dubs of Winx Club, unless otherwise stated.

Quick Intro – 

We first see Bloom earn her Enchantix in season three episode sixteen. She is the last of the Winx to earn her Enchantix. Bloom goes to the island of Pyros to become stronger. While over there, she meets Maya. Maya teaches her how to focus her energy, and not to lose control over her powers. While training with her, Bloom is attacked by Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. She believes so strongly in the fact that she will be able to defeat Valtor, that her willpower is what gains her her Enchantix. However, because Bloom earned her Enchantix by sheer force of willpower, it is incomplete, that is, she cannot miniaturize, she cannot fully utilize her Enchantix powers, and her powers go out of control very easily.

Analysis – 

Transformation Sequence – I like Bloom’s Enchantix transformation sequence very much. It tells us much more about her power. The fire, seen at the beginning of the transformation, tells us that her power is related to fire. The dragon, commonly portrayed in Chinese culture as a mythical fire-breathing beast, only goes to conform that. The transformation is quite elegant, and I would say I like it much better than the Winx, Charmix, movie Enchantix, and Believix transformations. Also, the background used in the transformation, rarely noticed by many of us, is orange and red, again, colors normally associated with fire.

Color & Outfit – Bloom’s Enchantix outfit, similar to her Winx outfit. I’d say the same thing as I said in Bloom’s Winx analysis post about the color, however, I must note that Bloom’s Enchantix isn’t only blue. Her outfit goes from blue to pink, and I think that’s what gives it an elegant look. It’s somehow more classical fairy like, like what the fairies in fairytales would wear.

Powers & Abilities – Since it is Enchantix, Bloom is obviously very powerful at this stage, powerful enough to take on Icy, Darcy, and Stormy alone with no help, and powerful enough to defeat Valtor. So it’s obvious that Bloom’s Enchantix is more powerful than her Winx and Charmix. However, Bloom’s Enchantix in season three is incomplete, the reason being that she never really saved anyone from her own planet to earn it. It was born out of sheer willpower. Thus, Bloom didn’t have as much power as the other girls had. She is unable to miniaturize, and her power can go out of control, i.e., her Enchantix is unstable. She completes it in the movie, when she brings her entire planet back to life by defeating the Ancestral Witches. I’m going to go further, however, and say that Enchantix is actually more powerful than Believix. Now, before you pounce on me for saying this, let me explain.

When the girls were attacked by the Fairy Hunters in the first episode of season four, it must be noted that they didn’t use a convergence attack, and nor did Bloom use the full energy of the dragon attack she used to defeat the Ice Snake in the Omega Dimension in season three. I have no doubt that if the girls had used a convergence attack, or if Bloom had used a full energy of the Dragon attack pushing her power to the maximum, the Fairy Hunters would have been defeated.

Earning – This was suggested by someone who asked me a question on Formspring, so I added it in. It definitely applies to Enchantix, since the Enchantix transformation was earned. It will be included in further Charmix installments as well.

I do not like the fact that Bloom didn’t earn her Enchantix by saving anyone from her own planet. I can’t really provide a reason why, since at the time Bloom earned her Enchantix, she didn’t have anyone from her own planet to save, and this probably left the writers and producers with no choice. I do, however, like the reason given for why Bloom earned her Enchantix even though she had no one to save. It was through sheer willpower that she earned it, as she believed so strongly in the fact that she would be able to defeat Valtor. It brings a nice meaning to the saying “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

That’s all for Bloom’s Enchantix Transformation. I hope you’ll keep visiting Magia Di Winx for the rest of the series!

Next up – Bloom’s Enchantix Transformation from Il Segreto Del Regno Perduto (The Secret of the Lost Kingdom)!

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  1. she could have gotten it by saving the winxs from the dragon in the ice dimension flora stella and techna etc

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