Crystal Clear!

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Editor’s Note – This is a post I had originally done on the older Magia Di Winx site. I decided to post it here again while I was going through the old blog, because I wanted to see what newer readers thought of it. I’ve changed a few things, which may be why it seems different to some people.

Back in the original season 1 of Winx Club, our favorite villains the Trix used to have some pretty cool powers.

If I remember it right, one of them was conjuring up something they always called “The Vacuums” in Italian, and they once referred to them as “Loreli Vaccum”. The 4kids version changed the name to “Wisperian Crystal”.

In case you’ve forgotten what these are, here’s a quick run through of the stages.

And here’s a video of them conjuring up the crystals. (Uploaded by me on YouTube, in Cinelume English.)

Please watch the video, there are a few things I’d like to discuss about it.

These crystals also seem to allow the Trix to watch what’s going on in other places without the other party being aware of it, as was shown in season 1 episodes 10 and 16 respectively.

And, as an up, the finished vacuum and one single crystal allows the Trix to measure the power of a magical being. It appears that distance doesn’t matter, as the Trix were able to measure Bloom’s power while she was at Alfea and they were at Cloudtower (Episode 10. You can see the power level in the crystals in the first image above) , and Icy used her crystal to measure Bloom’s power while they were fighting in Magix (Episode 9).

I think these vacuums are exactly that – vacuums. But they don’t appear to be ordinary vacuums. They’re devoid of power and magic, and so whenever there is an extremely powerful magical substance or being nearby, they are attracted to it. They can also store power, which makes sense since the laws of physics and nature state that a substance moves from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. The crystals, being devoid of power, would increase their magical potential by absorbing another’s. Case in point: when the Trix attacked Bloom on Gardenia, they conjured these crystals before taking a part of her Dragon Flame. Her power vanished into them.

All this begs the question what would happen if these crystals were smashed or harmed beyond repair in any way. They do seem to be extremely fragile. Their abilities make me think that if they were to be harmed, the Trix would either be entirely powerless or simply unable to gather more magic.

And as another infamous Winx Club plot hole, these crystals are never seen again after the first season. That makes it appear as if they were only to be used for their training at Cloudtower, but we all know they weren’t used only for that purpose.

What are your thoughts on these mysterious crystals?



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  1. What is the curvy wire supposed to symbolize?

    • Pretty sure it’s just the magical connection the witches make in order to use their vacuums together.

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