Season 5 BLE promotional poster!

September 28, 2011 at 1:47 pm | Posted in Airings and Dubs, Merchandise, Official (Stock) art, Pictures, Season 5, Seasons and Movies | 5 Comments

Brand Licensing Expo poster

In light of the Brand Licensing Expo, Rainbow has sent out a promotional poster for season five of Winx Club.

There will be a new transformation (how could there not? It’s tradition!). The new season will presumably debut in fall 2012.

Please note that these dates are always very tentative. They are subject to change within weeks of notice, as all TV show airings are.

The Brand Licensing Expo is actually designed very much like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (if you’ve been there, you know how mad it gets). It’s this huge expo with tons of big and small companies. Basically, it’s where companies buy and sell licenses for their products, but I’m not going to go any deeper into that (partly because I don’t understand it myself).

TheEverydayMuser might be there for the expo, depending on a couple of things. If she is, there will be a post announcing it.

I feel that the image of Bloom on the poster was drawn quite hastily. That said, remember I told you airing dates on these promotional posters for BLE are very tentative? That’s because most companies are rushing to get out some form of advertisement at least a week before the expo. So I highly doubt season five will air exactly in fall 2012, and I also doubt the fact that what you see here will be the final transformation.

That’s about the only observation I’ve made on the poster, the rest is just normal promotional stuff.




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  1. Seems to me that the transformation shown is aquatic in nature. Now, based on that, I’ve been able to come up with a couple of different theories about Season 5.
    Theory #1
    The action takes place on Aisha’s realm, Andros, since it is primarily a water realm. Since Nabu’s body was taken there by Aisha at the end of Season 4, it would make for a nice sub-plot about him coming back.
    *Theory #2*
    The action takes place on Earth once again, with the girls setting out to achieve more of the Gifts of Destiny. Since they’ve already earned their Sofix (the Gift of Courage) and Lovix (the Gift of Heart) which relate to nature and ice, no dought they will continue to earn new gifts, relating to more of nature’s elements such as water, fire, sound, etc…

    • I’d definitely prefer it if your first theory was correct. I don’t think I want to watch the Winx going to find the other Gifts of Destiny. It would be extremely boring. Since we don’t know how Nabu was resurrected, it would be nice for them to explore that angle. We have visited the underwaters of Andros, in season three, it would be a nice return if we were to go there again and I’m sure not many fans would mind.
      – Liz

  2. “I also doubt the fact that what you see here will be the final transformation.”

    You’re most likely right about that one. Remember the early drawings of Believix? I wanna throw up just thinking about them…

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  4. i like it

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