Winx Club shouldn’t have another new fairy.

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Winx Club has evolved over the years. Those of us who’ve been with the series since the very beginning have seen it happen in front of our eyes. The outfits, the transformations, the hair, the animation style…everything changes, because if anything stays stagnant, the series will become boring.

Another thing that’s changed along with all of this is the number of fairies. Recall. In the beginning, when Bloom formed the Winx, we only had five fairies. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna. A small bunch aiming to stop evil from taking over Magix.

Along came Aisha. (I just realized something: I never did call her Layla, but that’s for another post.) Just over one season, the girls had become so close to one another that it was hard for some of them (ahem, Stella) to welcome a new member to their group. Bloom has to once again clearly state that Aisha is a member of the Winx. And there we go. Six fairies now.

We then had the third season, and the movie, during which we see how strong the bond between the girls has become and how they are willing to do anything, even kind of die, for their friends. For those that don’t understand, this fact is most apparent when we see Tecna, who isn’t even from Andros, walk herself into danger to close the portal to the Omega Dimension to save Aisha’s planet. In doing so, she doesn’t die, but earns her Enchantix.

And then came the fourth season. Along with that came Roxy, the “last” fairy on Earth. Roxy brought a different kind of personality into the Winx club, a fun, stubborn, and rebellious one, kind of like a mash up of the personality of certain girls. We still do not have an official confirmation that she’s a member of the Winx Club, and I wouldn’t like to suppose anything, because I don’t do that.

If she is a member of the Winx Club, that would bring the total to seven fairies. And that, I think, is a warning bell for Rainbow.

You know how you can put some pebbles into a jar and have it half-full? You can keep adding more and more pebbles, but there comes a time where when and if you add more, that jar is just going to overflow. You can’t push it anymore.

I think it’s a bit like that with Winx Club. I think Rainbow has crammed enough people with enough different and sometimes clashing personalities into one group, increasing it from a mere five to not-massive-and-yes-only-two-more-but-that-still-makes-a-difference seven.

I was thinking this out the other day…and I’ve come up with a few major reasons another fairy shouldn’t be introduced into Winx Club.

Screentime is a huge issue with a show with as many characters as Winx Club. We have the Winx, which have kept growing throughout the seasons, we’ve got the Trix, we’ve got the Specialists, we’ve got our villians…the list goes on and on, doesn’t it? You’ll notice that most of the time, the series focuses on the Winx entirely, and if another new fairy was brought into this group of seven (assuming Roxy’s one of the Winx), how on earth would the people at Rainbow focus enough on each of the girls?

Character development and characterization is somewhat related to the above topic. If they can’t focus enough on each of the girls, they can’t have character development. Each fairy in the Winx has their own personality, and we know most of their personalities. However, you can see that it varies. We know Tecna’s highly logical and doesn’t like showing emotion, and we have seen few instances where she does. But to me, it still appears as though she’s a character with the emotional range of a teaspoon. There’s something we haven’t had enough development on.

Backstory is something I feel the producers, writers, and pretty much the entire team at Rainbow have been partial on. We know a lot about Bloom. In fact, I’d say we know way too much. The entire series revolves around her. You know, I can say frankly that when the first season ended, I was afraid we were heading to Mary-Sue status. But thankfully, the Charmix and Enchantix stopped that just in time. Do we know about Flora? Tecna? We know about Musa’s parents and her childhood, but that’s pretty much it. We know Stella’s mother’s name was Luna…and that’s it.

Do you think it’s alright if another fairy is introduced into the Winx Club? If not, why?



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  1. I think seven is a bit too much already, but I like Roxy and wouldn’t mind seeing her as an official member of the Winx.

    I don’t think it’s good for another fairy to come. I mean, really, eight? Plus, if this eighth fairy was a Charmix-level fairy, think of how much time they’d have to spend getting her through the fairy levels. They already made this mistake with Roxy, who will have to earn her Enchantix and (Insert season 5 -ix here), if she does indeed stay.

    • That was another thing I wanted to talk about, but since I consider Roxy a Believix-level fairy, it was essentially nullified. (I’ll be doing a post on that later.)

  2. Nice Harry Potter slip-in, sis. Emotional range of a teaspoon. =P
    But I somewhat feel that backstory of the other characters needs a lot more focus. For instance, we don’t even know the names of most of the characters parents.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this because if I were to say one thing or another, it would mean that I have an opinion about how the next season will turn out. Either way, since this is the internet, I’m going to say something.

    I believe that they need to stop introducing new members to the club until maybe season 6 because I would like to see some more development on the part of their personalities. I would like for them to not have a plot that involves the saving the universe but see them face more plebeian situations or something more tangible than the realm of Realix at least. I remember back in the original Digimon series that they had at least sixteen main characters from the get-go and to develop them all, they had them split up to find their Crests later on. Despite me not liking the fact that I found some episodes more boring than others, they gave better insight. With that said, I think that the Winx Club need to split up every now and then because they must surely not do everything together all the time. That would just be awkward.

  4. Agreed Kiku, the Winx splitting up would be a welcome change.

    Personally I don’t think we need (at this point) anymore members to the club unless the story line cannot happen without said member.

    As for our current seven members, we do need to see more of a history on as well as overall just more about them.

    Bloom- I don’t think we need to know more about her, yes she is the star but we must not forget about her friends, they are also big parts of the show.

    Stella- We know some, not much about her life before Alfea. Heck, we don’t even know the entire reason she got kicked out of Alfea during her first year.

    Flora- She has a sister…that is about it.

    Musa- Little more is know about both of her parents and how they meet.

    Tecna- Depends on what you consider the comics cannon or not, but show wise all that we know is the name of her realm.

    Aisha- Like Musa we know a bit about her childhood, but going a little more into it wouldn’t hurt.

    Roxy- Thanks to season four we know a nice amount about her and her childhood. Could we go deeper in it? Yes, but again depends on the story line.

    Sorry about the long comment, what can I say. I think it is important to have a full proper back story for any character.

    • Which was why I included the section on backstory. And a small correction, we do know the reason Stella was kicked out of Alfea in her first year. She blew up one of the laboratories. (The Rai/Italian versions state her father paid for the damages, the 4kids version adds in the fact that she was trying to create a new shade of pink.)

      • True, I guess at least to me it just seems like maybe there was more to it…

  5. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said here. I don’t think any more fairies should be added. As much as I like new characters (usually), the group will grow too big. Better to focus on more character development and giving the them some more depth.

  6. As one S4 episode title put it 7 … the perfect number, but we know a lot about Bloom and Roxy and some about Aisha, Stella and Musa a bit further wouldn’t hurt as I have Stella’s family situation (divorced parents) also we know little about Flora and Tecna that wouldn’t hurt either. So I say 7 is enough let’s expand on characters a little, we have a fairy for Fire,Flowers,Technology,Animals,Light,Sound, and Water, that’s well enough.

  7. I think another fairy is to much! But at the end of season 4 roxy said she will go to alfea, so I think she won’t be in the next season! But she is already a beliveix fairy so I’m not sure how that is going to work. And as well what is going to happen to the love and pet shop if they leave earth? SO MANY QUESTION!!!

    • Hopefully, we’ll be getting answers to those many questions soon, when season 5 premieres. 🙂

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