Magia Di Winx is interviewing Romi Dames!

October 28, 2011 at 8:05 am | Posted in Airings and Dubs, Announcements, Musa, Nickelodeon, Romi Dames, Voice Actors/Actresses, Winx Club | 4 Comments

Romi DamesThe title says it all, but I’ve got more to tell you.

Magia Di Winx will be interviewing Romi Dames online soon. Romi Dames is the voice of Musa for the Nickelodeon dub of the series.

TheEverydayMuser and I have already made a set list of questions we’d like to ask her.

However, we know that we’re not the only fans of Winx Club in this whole wide world…so here’s your opportunity to ask Ms. Dames some questions!

Simply leave your queries in the comments below. You can also send them to us at, tweet them to us at @MagiaDiWinx on Twitter, or leave them on our Facebook page here. If tweeting them to us, use the format @MagiaDiWinx <questionhere> #askRomi please. It makes it easier for us to browse through the questions.

Random questions will be picked, and we’ll post the entire interview here when we’re done.

So start asking some questions!

PS – We don’t have a set number of questions or a time period for the questions we’ll take from you guys yet, so ask as many as you want. We’ll inform you when your time’s up.



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  1. OK, I have one!

    If you could play any character on Winx besides Musa, who would it be?

  2. Congratulations on the opportunity! Anyways, I don’t really have questions for her because it’s not something that I am totally concerned about. Voice acting is important but I have very few issues that can be easily ignored.

    • Thank you!

    • Haha, I’m friends with Romi on Facebook anyway, so technically I could ask her anything I wanted to anytime I want, but I figured I would contribute to the interview. XD

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