A Season 5 picture and outfit for Roxy?

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I doubt it.

Una Di Noi’s OP got this before I did, and she found this image on deviantART. The person who posted this image on the site claims it’s official stock art, but I don’t think so.

As a comment on the post rightfully pointed out, someone at Rainbow would be breaking a very strict rule by releasing this art for purposes other than promotion before the start of the season, and since Season 5 art for Roxythe season is set to debut in 2012, it’s highly unlikely Rainbow would be engaging in active promotion now. Most companies like to do it a short while before the actual series launches, and the case is probably the same for Rainbow.

Also, you may notice that the model for this drawing is different from the model of what Rainbow actually chooses for it’s fairies. They have a set model from them all. If you want, just compare the final Believix transformation poses for Bloom and Tecna. They’re the same with a reversal of direction.

Since this model of Roxy is plumper and fuller, I don’t think this is official stock art. Also, the fingers are oddly shaped, and the highlights at the end of her hair are gone. Unless, of course, Rainbow has decided to go through a random mood swing and has changed the art without notice. It’s uncommon, though. If they wanted to change their style of drawing, they’d release some of it to see what fans made of it. And we haven’t seen this style in the Season 5 promo video.

Based on all of this evidence, I’m filing this as a rumor and nothing more for now. Let’s wait for an official conformation next year.

Okay, so the OP from Una Di Noi replied to my comment and mentioned the artist claimed the outfit was official, not the model or the picture as a whole.

I’m still going to keep this filed as a rumor, until we get an official conformation. As has been the case with transformations many times before, often, we see a link to a picture that claims an official transformation or outfit in this case, and it turns out to be false.

Only time will tell. We’ve got to be patient, and unfortunately for me, that’s something I’m inherently bad at. 😉



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  1. I wouldn’t exactly call her ”plump” but I never really thought it coudn’t be used in season 5. I’m pretty sure its not an official pic, but, I still like it.;)

  2. None of you is right.That’s a model from the Winx magazine.I guess you guys know there’s a fashion zone where different non-official outifts are designed for Winx girls.Don’t act like you never bought or seen the Winx Club Magazine..
    The artist traced this and remade it.

    • We’re aware of that now. At the time we posted the picture, we weren’t.

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