The Winx Club Timeline

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An interesting question was posted over at Una Di Noi – has Nick de-aged the Winx to teenagers again? They certainly seem to be acting like teens!

This got me thinking about something that’s been more than a bit fuzzy as of late in the Winx Club series – the timeline. In most TV shows (happens less in live-action ones) viewers aren’t given a good idea of how much time each season lasts. We’re left to make our own guesses based on information we glean in-show.

With Winx Club, we were given a pretty good idea of how long each season lasted from seasons 1-3, because we knew each of those seasons counted as a year of fairy-training at Alfea. We also saw the Winx graduate and become Guardian Fairies in Secret of the Lost Kingdom, so we’re aware that they’ve (apparently) finished their training program at Alfea. But what after that? 

Tying into Una Di Noi’s question of whether Nick has de-aged the Winx would be the question of whether the series stuck to the 1-season-1-year rule. Bloom is 16 at the start of the series (mentioned in Season 1, Episode 1), and Stella is 17 (hinted at in Season 1, Episode 2). If all the seasons after SoTLK really last 1 year, and SoTLK itself lasted a year, then…Stella would be 23, and the other girls would be 22? Wow.

As Una Di Noi’s OP rightfully mentions in her post –

The point: magical girl shows lose their magic when the girls aren’t “girls” anymore. If Nick and Rainbow kept the Winx as teenagers, the Winx could stay at that age crossroad where kids, teens, and adults can all relate to them.

I highly doubt Nick and Rainbow have deaged the girls to teens. What I do strongly feel is that the seasons after the first movie did not last one year. Neither did any of the seasons after that.

Think about it. How long would it take the Winx to do everything they did in SoTLK, season 4, and Magical Adventure? It most definitely wouldn’t take them a year! I honestly feel the first three seasons only lasted a year in continuity because Rainbow had to factor in the plot that the fairies were still training. They may have gone back to Alfea, but I doubt the girls as of this point are any older than 20, because everything they’ve done throughout the series couldn’t really have upped their age to 22/23!

I know this is kind of an arbitrary thing to say, but it does make sense to me when I look at the show’s timeline from afar. Also, I doubt the Winx are back studying at Alfea again. Faragonda and the rest of the Alfea staff probably know far more about magic than the girls do at this point, and though they may be powerful young fairies, every now and then, they do need help.

How long do you guys think each season lasts in Winx Club? Do you really feel the girls are 22/23 by now?



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  1. Personally, I think the girls are 19 (and Stella is 20). I think season three was the last “full year” episode. Season four does not feel like it was a year in their time. Maybe half.

    • I’m guessing that the girls are 20 and Stella is 21, considering the engagement and everything. And yep, Season 4 definitely doesn’t feel like a year.

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