Season 7’s 2nd Transformation!

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So it appears that Season 7’s second transformation has been revealed! Credit for this news goes to the German blog GermanSirenix.

The name of the 2nd transformation is: Tynix!

With Butterflix, it was obvious that the transformation was a reference to butterflies of some sort: we can even see butterflies on the girls’ hairbands. But Tynix?

With some more news – again, credits to GermanSirenix – the full episode titles of Season 7 have been released! Let’s check them out:

  1. The Alfea Natural Park
  2. Young Fairies Grow Up
  3. Butterflix
  4. The First Colour of the Universe
  5. A Friend From the Past
  6. Adventure on Linphea
  7. Beware of the Wolves
  8. Back In The Middle Ages
  9. The Fairy Cats
  10. Winx Trapped!
  11. Mission In The Jungle
  12. A Fairy Animal for Tecna
  13. The Unicorn’s Secret
  14. Tynix Transformation
  15. The Magic Stones
  16. Back to Paradise Bay
  17. Lost In a Droplet
  18. Banana Day
  19. The Magix Rainbow
  20. Baby Winx
  21. It’s a Crazy, Crazy World
  22. The Kingdom of Diamonds
  23. The Secret of Alfea
  24. The Golden Butterfly
  25. New Magic Harmony
  26. The Power of the Fairy Animals
Bloom as a little kid.

Baby Winx…? More like omg-so-cute Winx.

Okay, now I have some theories as to what that transformation is about. I think all of this season has something to do with time travel! The episode titles seem to suggest as much, and it would make sense since the 2nd transformation appears to be named Tynix.

We did have some experience with “time travel” in the good ol’ days of Season 4, when the Winx had a set of wings called Tracix, which allowed them to retrace their steps back in time. Time travel definitely seems like an interesting concept to introduce to the show, and time-based powers would sure be cool.

Also, if we get to see the Winx as babies, I’m going to aww so. freaking. hard. That would be adorable. ADORABLE!

I’m going to be watching this series when the Italian version airs, and I really cannot wait. 😀

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