What do the fairy dust symbols mean?

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When the Winx earned their Enchantix in Season 3, they also unlocked the power of fairy dust. Fairy dust, as has been described in the show, is the dust produced by the wings of fairies. It appears to be around in every fairy form, but when Enchantix is earned, fairy dust becomes significantly more powerful and allows the user to remove dark spells and effects, and miniaturize.

In season 3, we had special sequences for each of the Winx’s fairy dust lockets, where they all drew symbols as part of the process to opening the lockets. For fun, and nostalgia’s sake, I thought we’d investigate what these symbols mean! I’ve never thought about doing it before, but I was rewatching some season 3 episodes, and I figured, hey, some of these look familiar. So let’s get into it.



This one is fairly obvious. Stella draws a star as her symbol. In Italian, the word stella means star, and being the fairy of the sun – which is a star, it makes sense that she would use this symbol. Her fairy dust bottle is also surrounded by a star-shaped ring.


I don’t know how this is related to Aisha’s powers, but I can tell what it’s based on. The symbol itself looks like a slightly altered treble clef. A clef is a symbol used to indicate the pitch of a musical note, so it seems a bit strange that they’d use this symbol for Aisha and not Musa. Still, at least we know where it comes from.



Easy. That’s a flower. Who’s Flora? The fairy of flowers of course! Worth noting that the symbol is also the same shape as the ring around her fairy dust bottle.




At first I couldn’t make head or tail of this. Then I looked at it a bit closer and it reminded me of a Greek symbol, but none of the Greek symbols look exactly like this. It just appears to be some kind of combination between the symbol rho, and phi. That would kind of make sense, since Greek symbols are used in the sciences a lot, and technology – which is Tecna’s power – is a branch of the sciences.



…I have no idea. If you stare at this too much it begins to look like a baby’s scribbling. This also doesn’t look like any symbol from any language I know of, so seriously, I’ve no idea. This one’s baffled me since I first watched Season 3 and still continues to. How do you come up with that?


Okay, so there’s three hearts in this picture. There’s the big heart, there’s the heart inside the big heart, and then there’s the heart at the top. This obviously doesn’t have any relation to Bloom’s power; she’s not the fairy of love (we have Amore for that). Hearts are a common theme in Bloom’s outfits though. She wears a t-shirt with hearts on it in Season 3, the pins on her hair in Enchantix form are hearts, and her fairy dust bottle is also a heart, so that’s probably the reason for the symbol. We call these recurring themes “motifs”.

Of course, the creators and artists of the show might have just decided to come up with these symbols at random, so feel free to take anything I said with a grain of salt, or chime in in the comments with your thoughts! 











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