Magia di Winx is run and written by two Italian-American sisters! You can find out more about us below. Both writers can be contacted at


I’m a 20 something fun-loving girl that’s been watching Winx Club ever since Bloom_Harmonixwatched the first season in Italian! I love animated shows and have a soft spot for magical girl shows; W.I.T.C.H., Sailor Moon, and Pretty Cure are some of my favorites. I’ve been running Magia di Winx since 2010. Winx Club and this blog are both incredibly important parts of my life and I’m glad to be able to share my thoughts on here!

My favorites…

Winx: Bloom

Transformation: Enchantix

Season: 3

Pixie: Chatta

Power: Dragon’s Flame and Fire

Food: I’m a sucker for good, home made fettucine alfredo (it’s a type of pasta!)



flora-winx-club-3-23577469-277-400I’ve enjoyed Winx Club since my sister introduced me to it. Unlike her I’m not too fond of animated shows – I prefer ordinary TV shows 😛 – but Winx Club immediately stuck with me. I love watching how the fairies have evolved over time and how the series has evolved, and I look forward to more magic and fun in the future. 😀

My favorites…

Winx: Flora

Transformation: Magic Winx, Believix

Season: 4

Pixie: Amore

Power: The power of nature and Roxy’s power to influence animals

Food: I like acai bowls a lot.




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