Transformation Comparison Series

I call the Transformation Comparison Series the TCS for short, because the name’s too long.

What is this, anyways?

Well, basically, the TCS is simply a series to compare all of the different transformations of the Winx, from season 1 to Magica Avventura, or Magical Adventure.

I started the series mainly because I was frustrated with people asking me which transformation of the Winx I liked the most on YouTube. Then, I realized that if I’m having this problem, maybe others are too. I decided to compare all of the transformations to decide which one I liked best. Maybe the series will help you decide too!

Transformation Comparison SeriesMain Post

Intro to the TCSA quick introduction looking at what the series will cover.

Bloom –


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  1. I’m so excited that Winx is in the US!

    After the specials, I couldn’t stop thinking about the show! I was so happy they were put on iTunes (and were really cheap too!) I didn’t have to save up my allowance, like I usually have to to buy shows!

    I watch the specials while waiting for the new ones to air. I keep hearing people say they hated that the seaons were mushed into specials, but I liked it! We can get more into the story faster!

    I don’t know if Nick is doing this price forever or just a while, but just incase, here are the links.
    The first special

    The second special

Any thoughts?

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