Season 7 Italian Film Festival Premiere

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Winx club spring 15 newsletter - MAY'15Looks like Italy will get a taste of what Winx Club Season 7 is like this month!

Rainbow has chosen to debut the first 3 episodes of season 7 at the Taormina Film Festival, which is one of the oldest film festivals in the country and also one of the most prestigious.

The event will take place at the Teatro Antico di Taormina (that technically stands for antique theater of Taormina) and will take place on the 20th of June at 7PM; and that’s not all that’s scheduled for the evening either.

Winx Club will kick off the final evening of this festival!

There will be activities for children, a chance to meet the fairies and take pictures and autographs, plus a fashion show with the Winx. Iginio Straffi will also be present at the event.

The poster also confirms that Season 7 will air in Italy in September this year. A synopsis of the season says that it will involve

[…] the six fairies Bloom, Stella, Tecna, Flora, Musa and Aisha engaging in a mission to raise awareness of the inhabitants of Earth and of the Magical Dimension of the importance of protecting animal species in danger of extinction, and respecting all animals.

So, six fairies, huh? I guess that means Roxy’s still an extra, unless that’s not the official synopsis. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! 😀

Translation of poster: 

National Preview of Winx Club Season 7

The stage of Taormina lights up with the magic of the Winx!

20 June 2015

Exclusive national preview of the first 3 episodes of the new season of Winx, aired from September on Rai Gulp

Source: CinemaItaliano.


Where’s the fight?

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[Note: This is a bit of a long rant, and I’ve included lots of videos and everything, hence the read more link.]

The Nickelodeon version of Winx Club has been hyped up a lot (this is something to do with the fact that it’s back in America, on cable TV, and it’s not 4kids), but I don’t honestly think it deserves that hype. Neither do I think it deserves the overzealous praise it’s received from some fans, and nor do I think previous versions of Winx Club, like the Cinelume version deserve the hate some Nick fans are giving them. Continue Reading Where’s the fight?…

We’re now on YouTube!

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Magia Di Winx is now on YouTube! /cheers

Our YouTube channel is currently empty (boo) but we’ll be posting episode snapshots in Rai English, and hopefully Italian, so that newcomers to Winx, watchers of the Nickelodeon version, watchers of the  4kids version, you, and all other Winx fans, can live the magic with us!

Oh, also, our email is active again. Apologies to all of you who may have got late replies, some pending from last year. My sister and I are extremely ashamed of that (my sister more so, because she claims she forgot she even wrote on a blog), but we’re back and better than ever!

And…we’re working on a general-purpose Winx discussion forum! We hope you’ll all join.

One more thing. I gave you guys a bit of a tease in the last post about a big, upcoming project. You’re all biting your nails and sitting on the edge of your seats, aren’t you? /probably not

Magia Di Winx…what are you up to?

Again, this project that my sister and I are thinking up is going to require a lot – I repeat, a lot – of Winx fanbase participation. We really, really hope you’re going to take part, because Magia Di Winx would really like this project to be a success.

Bit more of a tease – we’re hoping to complete it by early April and have it out by mid-April (yes yes, what a tease).

A’right, that’s all! Stay tuned for more news on our YouTube channel, forum, and big-top-secret-totally-fabulous-yeah-right project! And if you email us now, you’ll get a reply ASAP!

Have a good day. 🙂

Beyond Believix!

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Would you look at that. Season 5 has a tagline – and it’s beyond Believix!

This confirms that the tradition of a new transformation every season is definitely continuing, but I’m hoping that we won’t have a season 5 transformation add on. I’m sure you all remember Sophix and Lovix. *shakes head*

We now know that the Season 5 villain (Tritannus) happens to be Aisha’s cousin. And the plot thickens.

We’re eagerly waiting for season 5 here at Magia Di Winx! The magic returns…soon! 🙂

The Winx are back!

Winx Club Season 5 Trailer

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Hi everyone, dreadfully sorry for the lack of news from Magia Di Winx lately. I’m afraid that’s partly my fault. As you all know, my sister is very busy and I’ve had quite a lot of homework and pending work lately. To top it all off, I forgot my password. Yep, I’m a procrastinator.

Anyway, here’s a look at the fifth season of Winx Club.

The CGI at the end had us all a bit worried, but the OP from Una Di Noi later reported that the series would remain in 2D and there would be no CGI dimensions.

As for the video…frankly, I’m quite nervous as to what the future of my favorite show will be. For one thing, this video is just for promo. MIP COM and BLE are coming up soon, and I suspect Rainbow simply made this video to prove they have something planned. It’s quite hasty work.

What do you think?

MIP COM Poster

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MIP COM Promo poster

It was just yesterday that the promotional poster for BLE featuring season 5 went around, and there’s already another version of it circling the intertubes and Twitter.

This one’s for MIP COM, which is basically what my sister described as a “media and content event”, to find co-producers, directors, etc., and for filming, buying, selling, and financing content.

You can find more information on the event here.

As for the poster, my thoughts on the BLE one apply here too. And another one – I seriously hope this is not what they do with the hair!

For the inevitable question, what do you think of season 5 and the transformation?

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