What do the fairy dust symbols mean?

June 6, 2015 at 8:18 am | Posted in Articles, Characters, Fairy Dust, Powers and Spells, Winx Club | Leave a comment

When the Winx earned their Enchantix in Season 3, they also unlocked the power of fairy dust. Fairy dust, as has been described in the show, is the dust produced by the wings of fairies. It appears to be around in every fairy form, but when Enchantix is earned, fairy dust becomes significantly more powerful and allows the user to remove dark spells and effects, and miniaturize.

In season 3, we had special sequences for each of the Winx’s fairy dust lockets, where they all drew symbols as part of the process to opening the lockets. For fun, and nostalgia’s sake, I thought we’d investigate what these symbols mean! I’ve never thought about doing it before, but I was rewatching some season 3 episodes, and I figured, hey, some of these look familiar. So let’s get into it. Continue Reading What do the fairy dust symbols mean?…

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