The first thing you should know is that I manage this blog alone. I think you can guess that I’m pretty protective about Magia Di Winx, and like every site, there are some rules you need to follow.

1) Basic Internet etiquette aka Netiquette.

I have a feeling that only newcomers to the Internet won’t know these rules. If you’re one, then that’s actually perfectly okay! Before you start, you should know a few basic rules that apply everywhere on the internet, especially while commenting on something, writing an article on something, posting a question, social networking, and many other things that the internet is used for. I found an article that you might find helpful here. If you can spare the time, check out the other articles too. Living internet is a pretty great site.

The rest; you know the list. Just for a short recap:

  1. Don’t type in caps unless it’s about something good, it looks like you’re shouting.
  2. Use exclamation marks only when really necessary.
  3. Remember that others have feelings too. Don’t unnecessarily provoke anyone, we don’t want fights!

2) Commenting

Comments are an open area for discussion on the topic of the post, that’s what they’re meant for. They’re not for chatting with online friends and getting to know them. We’ve got email for that. Also, people of all age groups can read comments. Keeping these few points in mind, the commenting rules are:

  1. No fighting! Be polite even when you disagree. You do not want to offend the other person and provoke them and cause a fight.
  2. Respect others opinions. This is the cause for most commenting fights, and I don’t want this to happen here. If you have a difference in opinion you do, and that’s perfectly okay. Everybody has their own opinions and we should learn to accept and understand each other’s.
  3. Keep the comment related to the topic of the post. As I said before, comments are not a place for “Hey! How are you” ‘s. Please keep this in mind. A little wandering off topic is okay, once in a while.
  4. Rated – G. Keep the comments like that. Do not swear, use harsh words or for that matter, ridicule other people’s beliefs. This is a blog, not a fight.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. Oh, and I’m not Hitler. A little wandering from these rules is okay, but beware of too much.



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